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Last Thursday, we had the pleasure of attending the 2014 Graphics of America Expo (GOA). GOA was held in the Miami Beach Convention Center. This was a wonderful experience, not only did it showcase printing services, but it displayed the latest concepts and equipment.

Izabela and I attended seminars that were hosted by GOA. I wanted to understand more about design and learn new and innovative information since I am just getting started; I attended Fundamentals of Graphic Design. And Izabela wanted to further her growth and productivity. So she attended InDesign Advanced Techniques.

I must say, I really enjoyed my speaker Mr. John Landis. He spoke about creative concepts and how they generate appealing designs. Landis also described certain ways to familiarize the viewer or client with important ideas; in a way that they can identify the differences between the dull and flat from the incredible or mind-blowing materials. He asked questions like “What is creative design?” and “What is a good design?”, “Is it okay to leave negative space?” or “What is the most important thing you want to come across?”

After overloading my brain with all of this knowledge, we walked the floor with all of the vendors and entered into a contest with 4Over (our favorite trade printer). While we waited for our raffle ticket to be called, we discussed all the great new ideas and how we are going to bring them back to pushke studio. Unexpectedly, the announcer called my ticket number and I won ( I never win these things)  and I won a Jam plus speaker. Check it out!

It was quite an eventful day to say the least.

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