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Izabela Tenenboim
Izabela Tenenboimhead marketing maven

Izabela Tenenboim has worked extensively in the marketing field since graduating cum laude in 2002 from Florida International University with a B.B.A. in Marketing and in International Business. She was fortunate to work at great for-profit companies learning the ins-and-outs of the marketing world. She was then pivoted and worked at the Greater Miami Jewish Federation. From there Izabela decided to start her own venture into creative services and through reputation and word-of-mouth grew the business to what it is today. However Izabela found that she was most comfortable and fulfilled by working with nonprofit organizations who were making a real difference philanthropically in her local community. So at the end of 2013, Izabela decided to exclusively work with nonprofits and pushke studio was born.

Izabela thinks of herself as a girl of many organizing talents – one that passionately enjoys supporting those that help others. Izabela is very meticulous and strives for the cleanest, most modern, polished and professional appearance – always. It’s almost an obsession. She is also a proud “techie” and an avid reader. Izabela loves to learn anything new – apps, websites, practices, techniques, technology, etc – so that she always has something fresh to bring to the table. She likes to use all newest tools to ease the tedious work so organizations can focus on really helping those in need and not the mundane business tasks she excels at.

Izabela is blessed with two amazing daughters, Ariella and Liora, ages 10 and 8. Izabela says of her daughters, “They are such a treasure of light, laughter, innocence and curiosity and they inspire me every day.” She is a proud member of Temple Beth El in Boca where her daughter’s attend Hebrew school.

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