the pushke pledge

is to provide the freshest and most creative marketing solutions while remaining affordable and reliable to keep our clients happy and faithful.
pushke studio was started by me, Izabela Tenenboim, to serve the unique nature of the Jewish nonprofit world. Having worked for a Jewish nonprofit and in several for-profit marketing roles, I understands today’s evolving market and technology-focused world. I have a passion (along with some serious skills and expertise) for finding new, creative and affordable ways for organizations to not only maintain their member connections but also to reach and expand their mission for new and different audiences.

Let me build your organization a uniquely Jewish narrative that both celebrates your organization’s history and heralds the evolution of your audience. I can strengthen your existing practices and add polish and modernization to help your organization achieve its marketing and communications goals.

I specialize in creating innovative marketing strategies that will get your Jewish membership to engage, interact and respond. Just think of me as another member of your team. I am available to answer any questions and walk you through the sometimes complicated new applications that pop-up everyday. I love to weed through all that is out there to find the most beneficial and cost-effective options that I will recommend to my clients. Basically I am here to help you in any way that I can to grow your organization.

Check out all that I do here: Services.  Or don’t talk my word, read what my clients say here: Testimonials.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

What does pushke mean?

It is a Yiddish word for can, often used to describe the traditional tzedakah box (collection box for charity). This symbolizes the tradition of giving back in the Jewish community.

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  • Outstanding References
  • 1000s of Jewish Nonprofit Projects
  • Technology Focused
  • Fresh, Modern Ideas
  • Easy to Work With
  • Affordable Rates
  • Quick Response & Turnaround
  • Integrity & Ethics
  • Range of Solutions
  • Over 10 Years Experience