Izabela Tenenboim
Izabela TenenboimPresident & Creative Director
Izabela has worked extensively in the marketing field since graduating cum laude in 2002 from Florida International University with a B.B.A. in Marketing and in International Business. She has been working with Jewish nonprofits for over 10 years and loves using her organizational talents to help organizations tell their unique philanthropic story in the most effective, efficient and affordable way possible. Izabela will continue to lead the creative direction of the company and create compelling marketing stories and campaigns for clients.
Ted Crandall
Ted CrandallBusiness Development Manager
Ted has worked in sales, customer service, and as an artisan blacksmith since completing his education in psychology at the University of Wisconsin. Ted has also volunteered extensively with community mental health providers and prevention hotlines. He believes that pushke studio provides a vital service in freeing nonprofits to accomplish their missions, rather than spending valuable time on marketing and is committed to that vision. Ted will also act as the main contact for many clients to ensure they receive pushke’s best service.
Gaby de Vega
Gaby de VegaSenior Graphic Designer
Gaby de Vega brings over 15 years of experience in graphic design, visual communications, marketing and public relations to the company. Gaby is an eloquent bilingual/multicultural communications expert who brings fresh perspective, passion and enthusiasm to every project she handles deftly and intelligently. She earned an MA in Publication Design at the University of Baltimore and has worked as a graphic designer in companies like Adidas and The Discovery Channel. Gaby’s brilliant aesthetic eye for print design will bring pushke studio’s invitations to the next level.
Adam Hirsh
Adam HirshSenior Digital Developer
With a degree in graphic design, experience with photo/video, and years of maintaining websites, he believes visual media should be bold yet approachable and tries to exemplify this in his work. Adam’s creative influences stem from a love of still photography, movies, and years spent working in photo labs. Adam is a fan of plots and storylines in films and other narrative forms and he strongly believes that your story matters. Adam will be responsible for websites, digital media and video.
Howard Rudnick
Howard RudnickTeam Administrator
Howard Rudnick is a well-rounded millennial gentleman, excelling in support driven roles. Howard is responsible for running a tight ship and keeping the team on task. He joins pushke studio ready for new challenges and an exciting new venture. Howard will be Izabela’s right-hand man and will always be able to assist clients with any questions. We are very happy to have him aboard.